Mono Cover 100gsm Waterproof Clear Tarpaulin with Reinforcing Mesh

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Clear Mono Cover 100gsm Waterproof Heavy Duty Tarpaulin Reinforcing Mesh

Appropriate for a ranch , garden, body shop, carport, boatyard and relaxation use, perfect for covering open-air and furthermore for utilizing indoor.
The waterproof economy is woven polyethylene coverings. These sheets are lightweight spreads at 100gsm, with aluminum eyelets at one meter interims
and on all 100%.
These spreads are the section level for a savvy waterproof spread. They are prescribed for impermanent utilization and offer a viable waterproof spread for
Our Tarpaulins are not sewed like your ordinary canvas so are 100% waterproof.Eyelets: On an ordinary canvas the eyelets are punched through the materia
l making a shaky area.Our Tarpaulins have welded strengthened eyelets which These lightweight simple to deal with covers are generally utilized as a waterproof
spread for some applications.


  • 100 gsm economy multi-reason canvas
  • HDPE weave with LDPE cover
  • 3. Rotproof and Shrinkproof cted
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Aluminum Eyelets Every Meter


Helpful for: outdoors, angling, chasing, sledding, paint-balling, cultivating, play areas, or for anything that necessities shielding from unforgiving climate.

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